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You may contact me via email at I will respond promptly. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Why Choose Twee Poppets? 

If you're considering sending me products to review and/or offering products for a giveaway, thank you! I know you'll be pleased with the results. Let me take a moment to answer some questions you may have.

How does sponsoring a review/giveaway benefit me?
When you offer an item for review or giveaway, you automatically increase your pool of potential buyers. My readers are introduced to your product and told about all its great features! If you send me a product for review, that product will be noticed by the dozens of parents, caregivers, childcare workers, and even highly regarded professors of education that I see on a daily basis - and I just may become a lifelong customer, too! If you send one of my readers a giveaway prize, the same may be true of him or her. Not only that, but many extra giveaway entry options will be based on helping you get business - for example, readers may receive extra entries for following you on Twitter or purchasing an item from your online shop! I also provide you an opportunity to let the readers know more about you with a Q&A - but even if you choose to skip the Q&A, the mere decision to send a free product for review or giveaway will show my readers that you are a generous seller, and they will likely be more inclined to buy from you. There are countless reasons why sponsoring a review or giveaway is beneficial to you as a seller, but the bottom line is this: more visibility equals more sales.

You're not even a parent - why should I send you children's items for review?
While I'm not a parent yet, I am in a situation where I can be an even more effective reviewer than most parents! While most parents are confined to certain ages, genders, abilities, and personalities, I have the opportunity to cross these confines every day. As a nanny, I work with children of both genders, all ages (from birth to teenage years!), and many varied personalities and interests. As a volunteer at a preschool, I have the opportunity to work with many children of varying levels of ability in a more formal educational setting, and I am able to observe how multiple children will play together with the same toy. As an Early Childhood and Family Studies major, I have been formally educated on child development and I am able to apply these principles to the products I review.

All my work with children will ensure that I know the perfect child to try out your product, and many times, it will allow me to try out the product with multiple children. Moreover, your product will be noticed by dozens of parents, who I can refer right to your shop! If I like the product enough, I may even make special mention of it to my network of preschool teachers and administrators, and even to highly regarded professors of education at the University of Washington. Think of all the PR and networking possibilities! Can you imagine your product being purchased to fulfill the needs of an entire preschool, or being taught to hundreds of education majors (future preschool teachers, K-8 teachers, administrators...) as an excellent way to promote child development? I can!

I would also like to note that I am committed to writing professionally. I always use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, in order to ensure that your business is cast in the best possible light. My reviews are thorough, honest, and professional, but I also strive to allow your personality to shine through.

On top of it all, I look forward to becoming a parent in a few years - and if you hook me in now, you just may have a loyal customer for many years to come!

How does it work?
Usually, I'll write to you and mention one or two items I'm particularly interested in reviewing, and you let me know if you'd be interested! You can send me any/all of the items I mentioned, or you can offer an alternate product instead. I'll send you my mailing info, and when the package arrives, I will review everything you send me thoughtfully and honestly!

If you're also interested in sponsoring a giveaway, you can either offer the same product(s) you sent me for review, an alternate product, a gift card, or even a discount! My readers will enter the contest by commenting on the giveaway entry, then I will choose a winner using a random number generator. When the winner is chosen, I will collect his/her mailing info and pass it along to you. You will then ship the prize directly to the winner.

If you're the one writing me to offer a product for review/giveaway - first off, thank you for your interest! Please let me know which product(s) you'd like to offer, and I will respond either accepting or declining (I will almost always accept!).

During our correspondence, I may also send you an "About Me" type of Q&A form to fill out. This is completely optional! The purpose is to allow my readers to learn more about you and your business. If you're uninterested or simply too busy, feel free to skip any of the questions, or to skip the whole thing altogether!

Any product you send to me for review becomes my property; any item you send to a winner for a giveaway becomes the winner's property. The items are not returned to you at any time. Unfortunately, I cannot contribute financially for the products, shipping, or other fees associated with the reviews and giveaways.

How do I know that your review will be positive?
You don't. I do not guarantee a positive review, I only guarantee an honest, thoughtful, and professional review. However, I am an optimist and I always try to find the good in the products I review! My focus is on items that are helpful for parents and caregivers, and these are the types of items I will choose to review. For these reasons, negative reviews are rare.

Can I send multiple items for review?
Yes! In almost all situations, I will be happy to review as many items as you want, whether all for one review or for multiple reviews. I would be ecstatic to have a repeat customer! If you're pleased with my review, please consider sending items for a future review!