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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: Ecostore USA

I was recently contacted by a representative of Ecostore USA about reviewing a couple of their items here on Twee Poppets. When I visited their website and discovered their commitment to creating products that are healthy for our bodies and our earth, with "No Nasty Chemicals™," I jumped at the opportunity! It is so important to me to use safe and natural products, especially when it comes to my future child. I chose to review the Pure Oxygen Whitener and the Baby Sleepytime Bath.

Pure Oxygen Whitener

Before discovering Ecostore USA, I never knew that a product like this existed. It is a natural substitute for chlorine bleach that uses plant-based ingredients, simple mineral salts, and essential plant oils for a safer alternative that is still very effective. Since babies are such messy creatures, I know that when I have one of my own, there will be many instances in which I want to make whites whiter and remove stubborn stains on my child's clothing, and it puts me at ease to know that I won't have to use harsh chlorine bleach to achieve this. Pure Oxygen Whitener contains NO toxic petrochemicals, NO phosphates, NO nitrates, NO chlorine, NO EDTA, NO optical whiteners, and NO dyes or synthetic perfumes (click here to learn more about why these chemicals are undesirable and why Ecostore USA chooses not to use them in their products - very important information!). Not only is it safer for our bodies, it's safer for our environment, too - in fact, the leftover gray water can even be used for lawns and trees!

Of course, all this is well and good - but does it actually work? It does! I tested out the Pure Oxygen Whitener on a load of my white clothing, and I was very pleased with the results. The clothes came out just as white and bright as if I had used chlorine bleach! The only small downside to this product is that it does have somewhat of a foul odor - however, the odor is still less pungent than that of actual bleach, so it really isn't an issue for me, as it is an overall improvement. I am so happy to have found this bleach alternative. It comes in a 35.3oz container and only 1-2 tablespoons are needed per use, which means that it will go a long way, on top of all its other great qualities. Are you jumping for joy yet? I am!

Baby Sleepytime Bath

This is another gloriously natural product with "No Nasty Chemicals™" - that means NO toxic petrochemicals, NO lauryl or laureth sulfates, NO propolyne glycol, NO dyes, NO artificial perfumes, NO parabens, NO cocamide DEA, and NO cocomidopropyl betaine. For something that's going to come into direct contact with baby's skin, this is essentially important. Many chemicals found in the majority of baby products can cause skin irritation or eczema, and some have even been linked to certain diseases - that's why I will feel so much more comfortable using products like this that leave out all those harmful ingredients!

Using the Baby Sleepytime Bath was a joy. I tried it out with a three month old baby that I occasionally nanny for, and we both loved it! It is scented with lavender, which has been shown to bring about feelings of calm and relaxation, and that was certainly true for us. The baby was just slightly fussy upon entering the bath, but calmed right down within a few moments when I added a capful of the liquid. The Baby Sleepytime Bath made the whole area smell so lovely and soothing that I think we were both relaxed by it! And when I took the baby out of the bath and dried her off, her skin felt even softer and smoother than usual. It was a delightful experience!

Buy It!
You can purchase the Pure Oxygen Whitener ($12 for 35.3oz), Baby Sleepytime Bath ($11 for 8oz), and a whole line of natural products at

I received two free products to review (the Pure Oxygen Whitener and Baby Sleepytime Bath, total ARV $23). This did not affect my opinions and my review is 100% honest. I did not receive any other compensation for my review.


Busy Working Mama said...

I love their products. We use their lemongrass soap often.