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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tuesday Tag-Along 8/30/10

Reminder: I'm creating a Blog Hop Master List! Read this post for info about how to submit your blog hop!

Ever wish you had a Tuesday Tag-Along reminder each week? 
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      Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tag-Along blog hop, hosted by Twee Poppets Review and Giveaway! This is a great way to discover new blogs while increasing the number of followers for your own blog. Please feel free to grab the TTA button for your blogroll to help bring more bloggers to this blog hop!

      Tuesday Tag-Along button art adapted from the "Follow the Leader" illustration by Diana Jones. I encourage you to visit her at her blog, Sketch & Jones, and her online shop to see more great illustrations and all sorts of wonderful crafts!

      Without further ado...
      Here's how it works:
      • Create a new Tuesday Tag-Along blog post. Include the Tuesday Tag-Along button by copying and pasting the code above. (You are also welcome to copy and paste these instructions in their entirety, or any portion of this Tuesday Tag-Along blog post!)
      • Add your blog name and the URL of your TTA post to the MckLinky below.
      • Follow Twee Poppets, the hostess blog listed in the first slot. Twee Poppets will follow you back! (Note: If you want Twee Poppets to follow you back, you MUST leave her a comment saying that you are a new follower and leave a link to your blog!)
      • Follow the Blog Hopper of the Week, listed in the second slot. To learn how to be chosen as the Blog Hopper of the Week, read the red text below.
      • If you can, please follow the blogs in the three slots before you (e.g., if you're number 20, follow numbers 19, 18, and 17). This is not mandatory, but it will help ensure that everyone who signs up gets a few new followers!
      • Follow as many other blogs as you want. The more you follow, the more that will follow you back! Be sure to tell them that you're following from Tuesday Tag-Along! You may also want to leave a link to your blog so they can return your follow more easily.
      • When you get a new follower through Tuesday Tag-Along, be sure to follow them back! It's just common courtesy. :)
      The weekly Tuesday Tag-Along MckLinky opens every Monday night at 8:59pm Pacific Standard Time (that's 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time), and the TTA blog post will be posted well in advance of that time. The MckLinky will be open to add your blog until 11:59pm Tuesday night. You then have all week long to visit blogs and return follows!

      There is a new list every week. The link you enter one week will not carry over to the next week's MckLinky. Please link up again each week to join in the fun!

      Tuesday Tag-Along Blog Hopper of the Week:
      Note: To be eligible to be Blog Hopper of the Week, you MUST place the Tuesday Tag-Along button somewhere on the main page of your blog or website (Inside a blog post does NOT count; it must be on the actual page, e.g. in the sidebar. And since I'll be checking for it manually, I must be able to actually find it). If the randomly-drawn winner does not meet this condition, a new winner will be randomly selected. If you do not want to place the TTA button on your site, you are still more than welcome to join in the blog hop, you will just not be eligible to be the Blog Hopper of the Week.

      Each week, one blog will be chosen randomly from all the links, and that lucky blog will be placed in the desirable second slot for the following week's MckLinky!

      This week's lucky blog hopper is #163 - Sueberry Lane! Congratulations!

      Thanks for being a part of Tuesday Tag-Along! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Chelsea from Twee Poppets directly, at Have fun!


      ~*Katie*~ said...

      I was wondering if you could post my link to the linky for me...I wont be up at that time...

      If not, that's ok...I'll do it tomorrow afternoon

      Beth said...

      Thanks for the linky...already following you!
      Beth @ Two Monkeys & a Washtub

      Candace @ Candace Creations said...

      Thanks for the linky!
      I'm a new follower!

      Smash Bravo Team said...

      Thanks for hosting, have an awesome Tuesday!

      Sueberry said...

      Happy Tuesday! Thanks for putting me in the #2 spot. My post is up now. :)

      The Paper Princess said...

      Hi Chelsea,

      I am a new follower of your blog! I'm looking forward to getting to know you, and invite you to follow me back at Create With Joy!


      Mrs. Southern said...

      As always; thank you for the linky!! Lookin forward to the day of being the random drawn spotlight!! :o)

      Karen said...

      I am a new follower and "hop"per. Hope I did it all right, LOL:)

      Anonymous said...

      Thanks again for another wonderful blog hop linky. I just signed up for your blog letter - so I won't miss a one. Smiles.


      Lauren said...

      I'm your newest follower from TTA- hope you follow back at

      Tales of a young mamma said...

      Hi just discovered your blog and I'm a new follower!

      Mrs. NoNo said...

      Hi there! I am a new follower!
      What a great idea this is! I can't wait to put this to good use!! :)
      See you on the web!
      Mrs. No-No aka Carla