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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Review: Little Grips

Recently, I was asked to review a product called Little Grips, and I was immediately interested. I jumped on the opportunity! I was sent a complimentary package of Little Grips (one spoon and one fork) to review. Little Grips are special eating utensils that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of toddlers.

When little ones are first starting to use spoons and forks, they haven't yet acquired the fine motor skills necessary to wield them competently. Any parent of a toddler can tell you that! This can lead to major messes, frustration for everyone involved, and loss of confidence for the child - and that situation is no fun for anyone. That's where Little Grips comes in.

Little Grips has developed special utensils that are designed for little hands. Instead of being long and thin like traditional utensils, these are short and wide. In fact, they have somewhat of a "T" shape, with the handle forming the top of the T. This shape makes it very easy for toddlers to grab ahold of and control the Little Grips with skill and confidence!

When I tried the Little Grips spoon out with the 20 month old girl that I nanny, it was like she had been feeding herself for years! She was actually able to get a considerable amount of food into her mouth, instead of onto her lap. She hasn't had so much success with other spoons, though. Their long, narrow design just makes them too tough for her to hold properly. 

Try holding a spoon by the very tip with just your index finger and your thumb: now your fine motor skills have been leveled to those of a toddler! Feel how wobbly the spoon feels in your hand? It's easy to see why conventional utensils are so difficult for our little ones to use. But with their short and wide design, Little Grips has found a way to work with the motor skills toddlers already possess, making these utensils easy for them to use proficiently. Check out the difference:

Photos are from the Little Grips website.

As an Early Childhood and Family Studies major, I understand the importance of allowing children an opportunity to practice their developmental skills. That's why I'd recommend purchasing Little Grips, but limiting their use somewhat. The important thing is just that you still give your child a chance to practice using normal eating utensils. Bring out your trusty Little Grips for those days when you can't afford to have messes, frustration, or tantrums! They will be a lifesaver.

Buy It!
You can purchase your own pack of Little Grips toddler utensils (one spoon and one fork) on for just $10.95! Be sure to tell them that Twee Poppets sent you!


Tabitha said...

AHH! I was hoping this one would have a giveaway! LOL! :)

Twee Poppets said...

Tabitha, there MIGHT be one coming! No promises, but it's possible. Keep your eyes peeled. :)

creativedawn said...

Wow...boy I could have used those about 20 years ago! Hey, maybe my grands could use a couple. Thanks! I am now following your blog!
Nice blog!


Twee Poppets said...

Hi Pam - thanks so much for commenting and following! Yes, I would recommend them. If they work half as well for your grandchildren as they did for the girl I nanny, your kids will thank you!

Milena said...

Following you from the blog hop!

Michelle said...

Looks like a great product! My two always struggled when little with grasping utensils, we're past that now but I'll be sure to let my friends with little ones know about this product. Visiting from It's Friday, I'm hopping. Already a follower dear:-)