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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Review: Joys of Thread (Plus Automatic Freebies!)

Recently, I was contacted by Joy from Joys of Thread to review a few of the items from her shop. Joys of Thread specializes in custom embroidered baby gear at very affordable prices. Some of the items available include burp cloths, tees and onesies, bibs, diaper/wipes pouches, covered wipes containers, baby blankets, pacifier clips, hair accessories, crayon rolls, and more. Best of all, each of these items can be embroidered with your baby's name (or a cute phrase of your choice) and you get to choose your own fabric (or color palette) from Joy's extensive collection! Wow! All this customization makes for a very special and truly one-of-a-kind gift.

Here's what Joy says about her shop:

Please introduce yourself and your shop.
My name is Joy and I'm owner of Joys of Thread.

How did you decide on your shop name? What does it mean?
My shop name is obviously a play on the name Joy but also bc I do monogramming and embroidery and my one tool is thread! :) (besides my fancy shmancy machine, of course)

How did your business get its start?
I started my business bc I really wanted this expensive sewing machine and my hubby said I needed to find a way to make it pay for 2 months it had! I've been sewing since I was little sewing clothes for my barbies and in high school sewing my prom dress! As an adult I always made all my own baby gifts so I thought why not sell them! Monogramming can be so expensive and I wanted to find a way to make it affordable. By not having a shop front and doing it out of my home I keep overhead costs super low. I started off with an etsy shop and when that became successful I bought a dot com and opened up my own online store!

What is your personal favorite item in your shop?
My favorite item is my diaper/wipe pouches that I created on my own and my sandwich bags that I also created!

What is your favorite crafty activity? Are there any particular crafts you'd love to learn?
I'd love to learn to make aprons and those will be my next project to list! Just like with the hooded kids towels, bath wraps and nursing covers, I googled and read up on how to's and just teach myself.

What do you love to do? What makes you smile?
My biggest passion is running. I do half marathons and 5 and 10Ks. Alongside that would be reading chick lit, cooking super healthy food, and being totally and completely green in everything I do.

What is your greatest accomplishment thus far?
My greatest accomplishment in life is having a great christian family, a supportive husband and a sweet three year old boy who thinks everyone is his "fwiend". My biggest accomplishment with my store would be that I was able to start my own business with no risk and all reward. Its given me the opportunity to stay at home with my son and still do something on my own that I am passionate about.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Where do you see your business in ten years?
My goals are always changing but for now I hope for my store to become much larger so that when my son goes to kindergarten in a couple years I can continue to dedicate more time to the business and still meet him for field trips, lunches, programs, etc. 

For my review, Joy sent me a personalized burp cloth, travel wipes case, and diaper/wipes pouch.

As you can see, all three items coordinate. They're all made with a gorgeous chocolate brown and bright aqua damask fabric that I picked from her list of available choices. Not only did I get to choose the fabric, I also got to customize my baby gear with matching aqua embroidery, which is thick, durable, and vibrant. I chose to have my items embroidered with the word "Poppet" (cute, huh?).

The name's Poppet...Twee Poppet.

The burp cloth is made of an absorbent white cotton prefold. It's a little on the thin side when spread out, but nice and thick when folded into thirds (as is the custom for these types of burp cloths). Down the center runs the lovely damask pattern, which on this burp cloth is actually made of a thick, glossy satin ribbon. It's very smooth and soothing to touch, which is good to know, since baby's delicate cheek may spend a considerable amount of time resting against it! The embroidery is placed right in the center of the ribbon. On this particular item and fabric choice, it can be a little tough to read the embroidered word against the similarly-colored background, but not impossible. You just have to look slightly harder to make it out, which isn't a bad thing, because I could spend all day staring at this beautiful burp cloth!

Folded in thirds.

The embroidery is slightly tough to read, but not impossible.

The covered wipes container is a very stylish alternative to plain plastic travel wipes containers. It is completely encased (save for a small unfinished strip around the middle, to allow the case to open and close) in soft fabric and embellished with thick brown ribbon. It even has a cute ribbon bow! My only complaint is that, since the ribbon was hot glued down, it doesn't lie completely flat and some of the hot glue peeks out around the edges, which makes it look just a smidge shabbier than it might have looked otherwise. This certainly isn't a deal-breaker, though, and the case is still quite lovely - certainly much more attractive than a normal plastic wipes case! This case arrives empty, and it would be perfect for a parent who makes his or her own baby wipes - but even if that's not your thing, it's super easy to fill with store-bought wipes.

If you look closely, a little glue peeks out from under the edges - but it's not too bad.

The diaper/wipes pouch is probably my favorite thing of the three. It's practical, well-made, and gorgeous! The pouch contains two pockets and is made entirely of fabric, with the damask print on the outside, a rich brown color on the inside, and a cute strip of ribbon (plus the embroidered word) along the edge. It's the perfect size to carry a travel size pack of wipes in one pocket and two or three diapers in the other. But, of course, that's not all it could carry! You could instead choose to use it for any variety of small items: keys, wallet, bibs, burp cloths, toys, pacifiers, you name it. Plus, it closes with a sturdy snap, so there's no need to worry about its contents falling out. This pouch makes it very easy to keep all your items organized when on the go - you'll never have to waste time rifling through your diaper bag again!

All closed up and ready to go!

This is how it looks when it's open.

I was able to fit the wipes case, the burp cloth, my cell phone, and my keys - all with room to spare!

All three of the items I received are just beautiful, and they look especially good together as a set. I'm so happy with them! And as if that wasn't enough, I was also lucky enough to be drawn as the winner for Joy's monthly giveaway! I won a set of three fabric baggies with Velcro closures, in small, medium, and large sizes. The print is a pretty black, white, and pink damask. These weren't items for me to review, but I felt compelled to share them, because they were such nice prizes to win! I'd love to hear everyone's input on what I should store in my new bags!

If you're not yet convinced that Joys of Thread is the place to go for stylish and practical baby gifts, I encourage you to visit Joys of Thread (link below) and check out some of Joy's other fantastic items. I bet you won't be able to resist!

Freebie and Giveaway Info
If you visit grab Joy's button and add it to your blog, you automatically get a FREE GOODY from Joys of Thread! Wow! Plus, if you follow her blog with Google Friend Connect, you are automatically entered to win one of her monthly giveaways (that's how I won those great reusable fabric baggies)! How cool is that? Be sure to visit to take advantage of these great opportunities - and please be sure to tell Joy that Twee Poppets sent you!


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