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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

To all my US readers, happy Independence Day!
To all my international readers, happy day! :)

If you're celebrating the day, what are you doing to celebrate? Are you heading to a barbeque, going to watch the fireworks, hanging out at home?

What is your favorite part of the day? Is it the fireworks, the food, the friends, the festivity? I have to say that I personally am I big fan of the fireworks! They're just so pretty. I'm not going anywhere special to celebrate this year, but I'll sure peek my head out the window to watch the sky light up! Here's what things will look like in my neck of the woods:

I love Seattle!

Where's the happening spot in your city this Fourth of July? Whatever you decide to do this year, please be careful, everyone! If you blow up your hands, you won't be able to blog with me! ;)

I leave you with a cool piece of fireworks trivia: Static electricity in synthetic clothing can ignite fireworks. Those who make fireworks wear cotton all the way down to their underwear. (Wow!)


Julie P said...

It is a chilly 4th here in Vancouver, WA. We are going to bbq some fresh-caught Alaskan salmon and just hang out and relax. Not a big fireworks fan, but I am sure hubby & the boys will host their own mini-display here at home....

Have a wonderful holiday!

Twee Poppets said...

Ooooh, Salmon! Yum! Sounds like you're going to have an awesome 4th, despite the weather.

It's not very summery here in Seattle, either - about 60 and rainy off-and-on. Not that I mind! I love the cooler weather. :)

Gina F said...

Happy 4th of July to you Chelsea! We are having a BBQ with lots of food like Chicken, Hot Dogs (OF Course) not a 4th of July without Hot Dogs and some ribs, hamburgers and sausage. We also had some snowballs and of course FIREWORKS for everyone to enjoy. We had a relaxing day and hanging with family and friends. WHOO-HOO!!!


Twee Poppets said...

Wow, Gina! Another party I would love to attend! It sounds like you always have the best ones around!

Paula said...

It's so beautiful! I'm visiting from Mailbox Monday. I already subscribe.


Crafty Mom said...

Hi. Visiting from Mailbox Monday. Liked you on F/B. Following on Twitter and GFC. and subscribed to your email. Return if you can. PLZ & THX. Great Blog. Fun!

Haupi said...

Hello! We had a great 4th and the fireworks were absolutely breath taking....breath taking (wow, I did not know firework handlers had to wear cotton, thanks for that) - but I'm completely tired out and glad it's over to be honest. But it was great fun and sitting here I'm wishing I had another piece of barbeque. Smiles.


Lilac City Momma said...

I grew up in Seattle and LOVE the fireworks show there! The best!! Im now following from Tuesday Tag Along!