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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Great Deal Alert: (80% off!)

I happened upon an awesome deal that I wanted to share with you all! is having an 80% OFF SALE!

If you're not familiar with, it's a website that sells gift certificates for thousands of restaurants all over the country. But by buying from them, you already get huge everyday savings - for example, a $25 gift certificate is normally just $10.

But now factor in the 80% off, and that $25 gift certificate will cost you just $2 (yes, TWO DOLLARS!). You can get a gift certificate worth:

$25 for just $2,
$50 for just $4,
$75 for just $6,
$100 for just $8!

Holy smokes! Wondering how you can get in on this action? Just go to, add the gift certificate(s) you want to your cart, and... 

Type in the coupon code: FUN

But hurry, because this promotion ends 7/12/10!

Believe it or not, I decided to buy several hundred dollars worth of gift certificates. In fact, I purchased $800 worth - but I only spent $64! I wanted to stock up, because the gift certificates never expire - and they make terrific last-minute gifts. Plus, it's a great way to go out to expensive dinners without breaking the bank!

Let's chat: What will you use your gift certificate for?

Disclaimer: This was NOT a paid post or a sponsored post. I wasn't working with in any way whatsoever. I just wanted to share this fantastic deal with you all!


Marissa said...

WOW, thanks for sharing! I would use my gift certificate to Melting's pretty expensive, so the 80% discount would be HUGE! And I'd keep it for myself...Ha, I think its okay to be selfish once in a while, huh?!

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty sweet find, especially if your planning on vacationing with the family in Las Vegas, which we are. Thanks!!!


Twee Poppets said...

Marissa - I was thinking of using mine at The Melting Pot, too! I've always wanted to try it, but it's so expensive. Well, problem solved with this deal! And yes, I think it's perfectly fine to use your gift certificate on yourself. I made sure to stock up so that I could spend some on myself AND still have a few around for handy gifts!

Haupi - Oh, these will be awesome for traveling! All the eating out that comes with a vacation can really add up (normally!). Have fun in Vegas! I'm so jealous - I've never been!