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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Winners! 6/23/10

Today, I was so pleased when I opened my inbox and found the following email, from the winner of my Aw-KinaSew'N giveaway that ended a short while back:

"Hello Chelsea,
You may remember me as the winner of your Awkina Sewn contest from some weeks ago. When I won, I chose the cloth activity book item from her shop on etsy. It came in the mail recently and i love it so much! I don't have a blog of my own, so I cant blog about what I won but I really feel the urge to spread the word about my prize, so I was wondering if you could share a little something for me?  
I was so impressed with the book, it was even better than it looked in her shop! Its obviously homemade but I think that makes it really charming and quaint, and it would be the best gift ever for a young child. There's so much to learn and explore! Each page has an activity that is really good for developing skills, like there is a shoe to tie, a little man to dress, a button to button, a clock with moving arms, and even more! I was really impressed with the quality and content, there should be way more toys like this! I think Keisha should focus on putting more of these cloth books in her shop and everyone should buy one for the kids in their life!
 I want to thank you for doing the giveaway on your blog. I dont know where you found her, but I'm really glad you introduced her to me because I LOVE MY PRIZE!!! =)
 Have a good day Chelsea
 From your happy winner!

Isn't that wonderful? Reading this email really brought a smile to my face! I'm so happy that she loved her prize so much! I, like her, would definitely suggest you visit Aw-KinaSew'N on Etsy! It doesn't appear that Keisha has any cloth activity books listed at the moment, but you can always contact her through Etsy to inquire about one. I'm sure she'd be delighted to hear from you!

Recently, I also received links to posts from two lovely giveaway winners who had pledged to blog about what they won (as an extra entry option). It's now my pleasure to share these with you! I'll post snippets of what they wrote, then leave you the link so you can hop over to their blogs and read the full versions, if you're so inclined. :)

Jackie from 3 Little Ones was the winner of the Sweet as Pie Creations giveaway, and she won $10 to spend at the sponsor's wonderful Etsy shop. Here's what she had to say:

"Awhile back I was lucky enough to win a $10 Gift Card to Sweet As Pie Creations Etsy shop (an awesome etsy shop featuring hair clips & bows for little girls) from Twee Poppets Review & Giveaway.  I have 2 little girls, so I'm sure you can imagine I was very excited about this! . . ." [Read more here!]

 Cari from This Little Family was the winner of the Sewn by Sarah giveaway, and she won her own Nerdling bib. Here's what she had to say:

"My daughter is a Nerdling...and she has the bib to prove it! [Photo] I won this cute bib over at Twee Poppets! She was hosting a giveaway that was sponsored by Sewn By Sarah. Everyone should definitely check them both out! . . ." [Read more here!]

I've so enjoyed hearing from my winners! I encourage you all to take a moment to enter my current giveaways  - maybe you'll be the next Happy Winner!


Debbie said...

I also love it when I hear back from winners. But I forget to do the same!

Bento Box / Asfora said...

Congratulations to the winners! :o)

Gina F said...

I love hearing back from my winners also. I love that they are happy with their prizes and puts a smile on my face too. You are to know that feeling you won twice from me. HeHeHe! :o)