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Friday, May 7, 2010

2009 Baby Name Data

Finally! The 2009 list of most popular baby names has been posted on! If you're as big of a name nerd as I am, this is a very important event!

Check out the list here.

There's also a change in popularity list, which is definitely a handy feature for namers looking to avoid something too popular. You can see it here.

So...what are your thoughts? Let's chat about names!


Cassie said...

I'm a HUGE name nerd!! Thanks for the link.

Robyn Jones said...

Having five kids, I love baby names...We are actually having one more (hopefully) before my husband "does the deed" If we have a girl she is Merin Ciel...We have had some odd looks...LOL!

Robyn Jones said...

BTW,,Ciel pronounced Seeal

Heather said...

I love the baby name lists....I know which names not choose from them! :) LOL. My oldest's name has never been in the top 1000 (Devlin) and Harrison is pretty far down on the list last I checked. If we were to have another a boy would probably be Nolan Archer and a girl would be Virginia Rose :)

Gina F said...

I have a award for you on my blog. Check it out.

I love looking at all the baby names. I named my daughter Brielle. I had that name since I was a teenager and I finally had a girl and what joy she is. My son is named Remy. He is my oldest child. I really like odd names.


Twee Poppets said...

Ooh, I just love hearing all your baby names, everyone!

Robyn, I don't think Merin Ciel is so strange - different, but not weird.

Heather, my favorites from all the names you mentioned are Harrison and Archer - cuuuute!

Gina, thank you so much for the award! I like odd names, too. You mentioned the names of two of your kids, but don't you have three? What is your other son's name?

just B you said...

I saw the name list on one of the yahoo links. Names are so much fun! I have such a pretty common name (Kim), so it's fun to see the name list when it comes out. I noticed on an article that there was some commenting on the fact that Isabella and Jacob just skyrocketed (Uhhh...Twilight...), and I thought that was funny. Isabella is a very pretty, romantic name, though. =)

Twee Poppets said...

Kim, isn't the Twilight naming phenomenon something else?? Wow. To be honest, I hate it - I've been planning to name a future daughter Arabella for years, and I do NOT like what Twilight has done for the name Bella (and its variants).

I was very distraught looking at the 2009 name stats - not only is Isabella #1, but Arabella shot up over 200(!!!) places in one year! Nooooooooo! All versions of Bella (Isabella and its variant spellings, Arabella, Bella, Annabella, etc.) are on the rise. It's really making me reconsider my favorite name! :(

Whew...sorry for the rant!