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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here's a brief rundown on what each of the links at the top of the page are all about.

The "Home" link will take you to the main page of my Twee Poppets. The banner at the top of the page will do this, too. Pretty simple!

This page is filled with a few interesting tidbits about the blog. Want to know how Twee Poppets got its name? Curious as to what kind of products I review? Click here! And if you have any questions that aren't listed, feel free to email me and ask, and I will add the question and answer to that page!

This page is aimed at potential sponsors of reviews and giveaways. It answers some questions I think they may have and gives a general idea of how the whole review/giveaway process works. If you're a potential sponsor, this is the page for you to read!

This is where you'll find the buttons and links to some of my favorite blogs! You should definitely pay them a visit!

The Fine Print
This is the legal-ish mumbo jumbo section. It gets into the nitty gritty of copyright, commenting, reviews, giveaways, etc. Most of it is pretty common sense, but if you're curious, feel free to take a peek.

I'll be posting my first review soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it!